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Change your bank details

* Mandatory

Your details for INTER

You can use this online form to give us a direct debit mandate or change the bank details for the premium payments. If payouts should also be made to this account (e.g. health insurance or pension insurance payouts), the bank details cannot be changed online – for your own security. For this purpose, simply submit your signed request by post, fax or email or make a note on the next payment statement.
The change of bank details applies to the following contracts:
The account holder authorises INTER Krankenversicherung AG** to collect payments from their account by means of direct debit. At the same time, the account holder instructs their credit institution to honour direct debits drawn by INTER Krankenversicherung AG** on their account. Note: The account holder may claim reimbursement of the amount debited with eight weeks starting from the debit date. The conditions agreed with their credit institution will apply.
** INTER Krankenversicherung AG, with the Creditor Identifier: DE84ZZZ00001899172, also collects direct debits for INTER Lebensversicherung AG and INTER Allgemeine Versicherung AG.

I agree that the INTER Krankenversicherung AG, the INTER Lebensversicherung AG, the INTER Allgemeine Versicherung AG, the INTER Versicherungsverein aG, the Bausparkasse Mainz and the Freie Arzt- und Medizinkasse (FAMK) use and save my data in common data collections, and forward them to my responsible agent, in order to provide me with information about insurances and financial products offered by you and therefore contact me commercially via phone or email. I can revoke this consent at any time.

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Information to the handling of your personalized data you will find here.