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Notice of claim

* Mandatory

Information about the policy holder

Notice of claim

Please answer the following questions so that we can help you quickly and settle the damages to your satisfaction. Many thanks.

General information:

Cause of damage

In case of damages caused by third parties

In case of damages due to theft, robbery or burglary

Details of the items affected by the damage


Annex to the questionnaire (file upload)

I am reporting the damage

Instruction about contractual obligations

Notification according to section 28, paragraph 4 VVG on the consequences of breaches of contractual obligations

Obligation of information and disclosure

After the occurence of the insured event, we can demand full disclosure on necessary information to identitfy the insured event or to state our contractual liability, according to the contractual ageerement with you (obligation of information). Furthermore, we need you to provide us with all the necessary information to clarify the state of affairs and to examine our duty to provide benefits appropiately (obligation of disclosure). Additional, we can ask you to provide reiceipts for us, as far you can be reasonably expected to do so.

Freedom of claims

In case you are, contrary to the contractual agreement, either holding back information, intentional making any false statements or intentional holding back receipts we demanded, you will lose your right for insurance benefit. In case of grossly negligent violence of the contractual obligation, you will not lose the whole right for insurance benefit, but we can reduce our reimbursement in proportion of your culpability. If you can proof, that there has been no gross negligence hurt of the obliagtions, there will be no reduction of payment. Despite of any violation of the obligation according to information, disclosure and the procurement of receipts, we stay obligated to pay, if you can proof, that the violation of obligation has not been causal to the examination of the insured event or the extent of the damage and its payment. In case of fraudulent violation of the obligations to information, disclosure and the procurement of receipts, we will free from our liability to pay in any case.


If another party than you enjoys the right of the contractual insurance service, this party is obligated to fulfil the obligation of information, disclosure and procurement of receipts.

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