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Hi app users,

beginning February 2022 you‘ll automatically receive our new version of My INTER. There are a lot of new functions - including an integrated mailbox, an improved contract overview and an improved claim submission function.

Please note: Your device archive will no longer be available with this new version. This means drafts created for later dispatch will disappear. Please ensure you upload saved drafts (medical bills, receipts, etc.) to your INTER account by January 30, 2022 latest. Otherwise you‘ll have to repeat the submission process for these documents.

After updating My INTER, submission works as usual and any draft for a later dispatch will be available as before.
The update to a new version will be visible by a new look and feel of the app interface. Starting with the update, the new functions are accessable with your known login data.

Any questions?
Our support team is available to help.

 Phone: 0621 427 - 3005
 Email: app-support@inter.de 

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