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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers for you:

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What can I use the My INTER App for?

You can use the "My INTER" App to simply submit your receipts and documents to us: 

  • medical bills, 

  • prescriptions, 

  • cost estimates, 

  • invoices for property damage, 

  • policy amendments 

  • or general notifications. 

Chat with our INTER customer service team. 

The App is available free of charge in the Google Play Store and on the App Store. A current insurance policy with us is a prerequisite for using the App. Simply register for the App, we will then post your personal code to you, activate your account – that's all there is to it! 
For further information: Click here for the conditions of use.

Creating your user account for "My INTER" requires just 4 steps:  
1. Register online  
Please enter your personal details here to create your user account.  

2. Confirm email address 
After registration, we will send you an email (check your spam folder if necessary). This email will contain a link and you can confirm receipt of the email by clicking this link.  
3. Wait for your activation code letter  
Once you have confirmed your email address, we will send you a letter with your activation code by post.  
4. Activate your account 
Activate your user account by using the activation code from the letter.  

In order to activate your account, please enter your email address and your chosen password as well as the activation code that we posted to you. 

There are currently two different versions of the App: 

  • Android version 8 and above 

  • iOS version 14.0 and above 

Your mobile device also needs to meet certain technical requirements. We have listed the most important requirements here: 

  • Camera with at least 8 megapixels 

  • CPU with at least 2 gigahertz 

  • At least 2 gigabytes of RAM 

Please open the "Submissions" tile. You will see "+" at the top right. Please click this symbol. Then select the appropriate policy. 
Important information when taking photos: 

  • Flatten the document and ensure good lighting conditions. 

  • Please take a photo of the reverse side e.g. for receipts, if necessary. 

  • When you send us prescriptions, please take photos of these individually and do not place them next to each other. 

  • Your device will trigger the camera automatically when the conditions are right. 

  • You also have the option to trigger the camera manually. Make sure that the document is easy to read and the entire page has been captured. You can also subsequently correct the edges, if necessary. 

Only send the file once all documents have been included. Please ensure the following: If you would like to send us multiple receipts, please do not send each receipt separately, but rather collectively as one file. 
Example: You have three medical bills and five prescriptions. Please take photos of these one by one and only then submit them to us. 
All photographed receipts within a draft will be stored on the INTER servers, but the documents will only be sent when you select "Submit".  

We changed the data model with the My INTER App update. The photos are immediately uploaded to INTER and this guarantees automatic synchronisation between different devices at any time. INTER does not have read-access to the documents until they have actually been released for processing by pressing "Submit". 

No, the data is temporarily stored on the App and the data in drafts and submissions is stored centrally at INTER. 

Yes, the App does this automatically. Manual activation is no longer necessary for this. 

You do not need to post receipts that have been submitted to us via the App.  

However, we recommend that you retain the originals at least until you have received a response from us. 

No, we do not require the submission form. If you would like to send us a message regarding your submission or information to be considered, please use the comment section when submitting a file. 

Our service hours are from 8 - 18 hrs. If you send us a request outside these hours, we will of course promptly reply to you the following day.  

No, this is not possible for security reasons. Please use the option via "Submissions". 

Unfortunately, we had to discontinue the "My medical record" section with the My INTER App update. Lawmakers are already planning to establish an electronic patient record, even for privately insured persons. As soon as there is news about this, we will of course inform you immediately. 

The Postbox is your digital mailbox - use this service and receive our letters digitally directly in your My INTER App in the future. 

There was a technological disruption after the App update. We successfully migrated the majority of photographed receipts from the old version. Migration was not possible in some individual cases, e.g. in case of a change of policyholder or other policy amendments. If you are missing receipts, of which you urgently need a copy, please write to us at 

You can find the log out function at the bottom right under "More". The last item is "Log out".